Chronicle - Historical dates

  • 1171  Founding of the Cistercian abbey in Althof, near Doberan
  • 1179  Destruction of the abbey during a war for the succession to the throne
  • 1186  Reopening of abbey on the present site
  • 1232  Completion of the Romanesque basilica
  • 1270  Starting the construction of the Gothic Minster
  • 1291  Fire in the abbey
  • 1296  Completion of main parts of the Gothic Minster
  • 1301  Bronze bell under Abbot John of Elbing, restored in 2002
  • 1310  Initial equipment in the choir room completed (for example high altar around 1300)
  • 1368  Final Consecration of the Gothic Minster
  • 1478  Abbey is portrayed as rich and happy
  • 1552  Dissolution of the abbey through the reformation - no destruction of artefacts
  • 1564  Magister Kruse becomes first evangelical pastor in Doberan
  • 1637  Extensive looting during the 30 Year War
  • 1638   Major work done on roof and furnishings of the Minster
  • 1648  Removal of several abbey buildings begins
  • 1793  Doberan becomes the summer residence of the dukes of Mecklenburg
  • 1900  End of neo-Gothic restoration of the Minster
  • 1945  Minster survives war and looting
  • 1984  Completion of general restoration. The Minster was considered the third most valuable national historic treasure in the former GDR
  • 2002  Start of overall restoration
  • 2011  Restoration of high altar, static securing of vaults by tie rods
  • 2012   Sunday services, guided tours and concerts are visited by appr. 200.000 visitors annually
  • 2014  Rehabilitation of the crossing tower and its crowning, preliminary investigation for the restoration of the rice statue of Samuel von Behr
  • 2015  Restoration of the rice statue of Samuel von Behr, renovation of the masonry on the west gable, restoration of the clockwork on the west gable
  • 2016  Facade restoration of the northern aisle, extensive renovation of the near-ground area infested with real dry rot stalls, further static partial renovation of the roof structure of the highships, restoration of the sacrament house, further restoration of the equestrian statue
  • 2017  Information follows
  • 2018  Information follows

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