The Minster bulding society

For centuries, the former monastery church has been a symbol of faith and hope, a meeting place, but also a sign of the ingenuity of mankind.

Construction, equipment and its preservation are a joint effort of many generations. The building of particular national importance with international art value contributes despite constant structural scars of the time.

Some are recognized by the visitor at first glance.

The Protestant-Lutheran parish Bad Doberan is very demanding with the preservation of the cathedral. In the next few years, other important tasks are required, for example, other parts of the roof truss and parts of the interior (such as equestrian statue, cupboard, cabinet) have to be restored, restored or conserved.

Funding by public budgets and foundations, however, is only possible if sufficient own resources are available.

Therefore, we are grateful for any help in the form of membership, donations and sponsorships!